Safed’s charm lies in her hidden beauty.  Even the spelling of Safed is undefined.  Over the years this small town has been spelled Zfat, Safet, Tzfat, Safes, Zefat, Tsfat, Zfat, Safed and Safad.  Perhaps this indicates a unique side of Safed for each visitor.

Over the millennia, travelers, scholars, rabbis, kabbalists and mystics alike have been drawn by her spiritual allure.  Some of the great people who taught in Tzfat’s synagogues, who prayed in her forests and who walked across her smooth cobbled alleyways were HaAri HaKadosh, Rabbi Shlomo Alkabetz and Rabbi Joseph Karo, to name a few.  To this day many visitors are drawn by the ancient synagogues, Torah classes and the joyful splendour of a Shabbat or Jewish holiday experienced in the Old City.

This same allure has also attracted artists to Safed. Today the town is dotted with painting, pottery and sculpting studios. There are talented glass blowers, weavers and silversmiths tucked in the alleys perfecting their craft, and always happy to share a few words.

Yes, people here take the time to chat and share.  They stroll instead of dash around, and yes, they smile.  Time seems to move more slowly here.  Perhaps it’s the clean mountain air, those cobalt blue skies and the breathtaking vistas on all sides.

Come for a visit and uncover some of her secrets for yourself.